Watch: Anton Yelchin and David Tennant talk vampires in new clips from ‘Fright Night’

With “Final Destination 5” opening today and “Fright Night” next week, horror-comedy fans are really getting a double dose of a genre that’s been sorely neglected of late.

Sure, we’ve seen it here and there when Raimi threw us a bone with “Drag Me To Hell” and of course there’s “Scream 4” sequel. But in general, Wes Craven’s stuff has been funny for the wrong reasons lately, so that doesn’t count.

Witness these four clips from next week’s 3D remake of “Fright Night.” The original is a shinning example of campy 80’s horror-comedy innocence. It’s now been updated for our more brutal century by director Craig Gillespie.

Click through to see the how the characters have changed in the new version.

Jerry the vampire, originally played by Chris Saranadon, has traded in his Christmas sweaters for more of a Brando in “Streetcar” look, easily pulled off here by Colin Farrell.

Charley Brewster is no longer a geek longing to be cool, played by William Ragsdale in the original. No it’s now Anton Yelchin, a cool guy running from his geek past, a past that’s represented by his former best friend “Evil” Ed, a typically geeky Christopher Mintz-Plasse. 

Perhaps the funnest update is to the Peter Vincent character. Originally played by a simpering Roddy McDowall (probably the best simperer in history.) The character is now inhabited by former ‘Doctor Who,’ David Tennant. Tennant’s Vincent is now a loutish cad with a cheesy stage show in Vegas, and a drinking problem.

And to round it out, here’s a character not in the original, Peter Vincent’s reluctant assistant, played by the lovely Sandra Vergara.

“Fright Night” opens in theaters August 19th