Watch: Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots on playing Charley and Amy in ‘Fright Night’

Folks who love the original “Fright Night” should probably approach this new film with caution. It is not a shot for shot remake and re-casts some of the characters in a completely new light.

It stays close enough to the original not to be considered a “re-imagining,”  but it definitely plays with the story structure of the original in such a way as to leave you guessing.

The relationship  between Charley Brewster and Amy Peterson is much more mature in this updated version. Part of this has to do with the maturity levels of teenagers in our  brave new century, but the other is up the ante for Charley, to raise the stakes as far as what is threatened in his life when a vampire moves in next door.

The relationship between the two is already established when the film starts off and Charley has already sacrificed part of his life (in the form of his friendship with Ed) to be with Amy. Although she is sympathetic and supportive, things are not all rainbows and unicorns in their universe.

When I got a chance to speak to the pair during Comic Con a few weeks ago, both actors were appropriately subdued to match their characters, and it took a bit to get warmed up. Once there, however, we discussed remakes, the new take on their roles and how vital the relationship between Charley and the vampire (Colin Farrell) was to the success of the story.

Check out the entire interview embedded above, Fright Night opens this Friday, August 19th in theaters everywhere