Watch: Astronauts make contact in found footage ‘Apollo 18’ clips

In the tradition of ultra-low budget sleeper creepers “The Blair Witch project” and “Paranormal Activity,” comes “Apollo 18,” a Dimension Films acquisition in which two astronauts touch down on the moon only to suspect that they aren’t alone. In real life, the 1974 Apollo 18 mission was scrapped, but the film purports that the mission went ahead as planned, only to encounter the problems you’ll preview in these brand new clips.

In the first clip, the two moon walkers find that their recently-planted American flag has gone missing. Maybe it just blew away? Wait, there’s no wind on the Moon. Maybe some Tea Party members borrowed it for some kind of moon rally? Nah, they weren’t around in the ’70s. That means something else took it…

Clip two elaborates on the theory that these poor NASA nerds aren’t alone up there on the Earth’s cold, desolate satellite. Footprints? But whose??

Find out when “Apollo 18” opens nationwide September 18.

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