Watch: Bella begins the vampire lifestyle in new ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ teaser preview

It’s almost here.

“Twilight” fans have to wait for Friday’s release of “The Hunger Games” to see the full version, but Summit/Lionsgate just made your Tuesday better by releasing a tantalizing clip from the “Breaking Dawn Part II” teaser.

When we say teaser, we really mean it — this clip is 12 seconds long, and includes only two lines of dialogue.

When we last saw Bella (Kristen Stewart), she was being born again as a vampire, in order to live forever young alongside her new hubby Edward (Robert Pattinson). Jacob (Taylor Lautner) was not pleased.

After a brief establishing shot of that gorgeous Pacific Northwest setting, we catch a glimpse of Bella tearing through the forest at superhuman speed (maybe she’s just been working out). Jacob says “I didn’t expect you to be so…you” to Bella, who we never get to see in close-up. Edward gets intimate with Bella, telling her that they’re the “same temperature now.” Then we get the logo for the last “Twilight” movie ever (well, probably not ever, but we’ll see).

Yes, Jacob is wearing a shirt, but it’s flesh-colored and skin-tight, so he may as well be bare-chested anyway.

“Breaking Dawn Part II” opens nationwide November 16.

What did you think of the teaser preview? Will you be seeing it with “Hunger Games this weekend?