Watch Bill Cosby say ‘I don’t talk about it’ when confronted with rape allegations

Watch Bill Cosby say “I don”t talk about it” when confronted about the numerous rape allegations
The Associated Press today released footage from a Nov. 6 interview in which the comedian was asked about Hannibal Buress standup comments. “There”s no response,” Cosby said. “There is no comment about that. And I”ll tell you why. I don”t want to compromise your integrity, but I don”t talk about it.” After the interview was filmed, Cosby requested that “none of that will be shown.” PLUS: Raven Symoné blasts rumors she was raped by Cosby, Janice Dickinson told Howard Stern in 2006 that her publisher wouldn”t let her write about Cosby, and Cosby”s new lawyer is reportedly trying to discredit Dickinson.

Jerry Seinfeld clarifies: “I don't have autism, I'm not on the spectrum”
After some backlash over his comments to Brian Williams, Seinfeld tells “Access Hollywood”: “I just was watching this play about it and thought, ‘Why am I related to it on some level?' That is all I was saying.”

The White House is upset ABC, NBC, CBS won”t show Obama”s primetime immigration address on Thursday
None of the major networks wanted to delay their primetime lineups with the 10-minute 8 pm speech.

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Lifetime orders “The Michelle Knight” story, casting “Breaking Bad” alum as Ariel Castro
The Ohio single mom who was kidnapped and held captive for more than 11 years with other victims is getting the TV movie treatment, with “Major Crimes” vet Raymond Cruz playing the role of the kidnapper.

Has “The Daily Show” surpassed “SNL” as Hollywood”s farm team?
Sure, “Saturday Night Live” has produced a number of successful alums in recent years, but as Stephanie Merry notes: “'Daily Show' alums are dominating in an array of spaces, in the comedy world and beyond,” from Steve Carell to John Oliver to Stephen Colbert.

“Forever” books Billy Baldwin
He”ll play a Wall Street CEO in the Jan. 6 episode.

Jay Leno cancels pro-gun group gig near Sandy Hook Elementary after victim”s daughter speaks out
Erica Lafferty, daughter of the school”s late principal, said before Leno”s cancelation: “Like, really, Jay? You said you support background checks, but then you're emceeing for the gun lobby that fought against them?”

“True Detective” adds 2 more actresses
“The Wire”s” Michael Hyatt and “Alpha House” vet Yara Martinez will play, respectively a states attorney and a Mexican-American immigrant who runs an inn.

“Homeland” has taken “baby steps” towards a creative comeback
Season 4 started off with a ridiculous storyline, says Tim Goodman, yet it has bounced back over the past few episodes – but not all the way back.

Melissa Rivers reportedly asked Kathy Griffin to replace her mom on “Fashion Police”
“Melissa told Kathy it is what her mother would have wanted,” a source tells RadarOnline.

“Orphan Black” adds “Shameless” alum Justin Chatwin
No word yet on what role he”ll play.

Why Nielsen”s measuring Netflix and Amazon Prime won”t make a difference
Nielsen is already seen as unreliable, and networks won”t likely turn down Netflix”s money to stream their shows.

Adam Shankman sells a “Vamp” ballet drama to ABC
The “SYTYCD” judge will produce and direct a drama about a ballerina who comes to NYC and ends up dancing at a nightclub called Vamp.

“Orange is the New Black”s” Taryn Manning accuses TMZ of getting her arrest story wrong
“There are no charges against me. … This is just further harassment,” tweeted Manning in response to this morning”s TMZ story. “It is troubling that the system can be used to abuse the actual victim.”

“Big Bang Theory” co-creator: Carol Ann Susi”s audition for Mrs. Wolowitz audition “blew our hair back”
“When she read the script for us at the audition,” says Bill Prady, “the brass trombone of a voice she would later share with the fictional Mrs. Wolowitz blew our hair back. Chuck Lorre asked her if she could do it a little quieter. 'Shoo-uh,' she answered. Then she did it exactly the same way. Maybe louder. We had found Howard's mother.”

Alcohol-related shows are all the rage
Coming out in the next few days are Travel Channel”s “Booze Traveler” and Smithsonian”s “United States of Drinking.”

Tom Hardy”s “Taboo” role is a sign of that the line between TV and film is evaporating
The actor is on a movie superstar path, yet there”s nothing wrong with doing small-screen work.

How “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project” moved the TV medium forward – or downward
Their back-to-back episodes devoted, respectively to the micropenis and anal sex “represented the penetration of a bold new frontier for network television, one in which nothing was taboo,” says Andy Greenwald. “Unlike racier shows of the past, these two episodes never beat around the bush.”

Annabeth Gish considers her “The Bridge” to “Sons of Anarchy” transition “good luck”
She says of FX: “They use their actors like a kind of rep company – you see Walton Goggins on ‘Justified' and ‘Sons.' They cast such amazing actors who can transform. It was so great to join the show in its last season, and in such a pivotal role.”

Sarah Silverman”s web variety show is now available, for $4.99 an episode
“JASH Presents Rubberhead” kicks off a sketch featuring Silverman and Seth Rogen.

Check out Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the early ’70s
The “Veep” star shared a childhood photo with her mom and sister.

Remembering “The Twilight Zone”s” Rod Serling
“Mad Men”s” Matthew Weiner and “The Sopranos”” David Chase recall Serling”s influential show: “It wasn”t a comforting show,” says Chase. “It upset your usual mode of thinking. It was the only show at the time that was literate, the only show that had any relation to literature or poetry.”

“Rocky & Bullwinkle” turns 55
“The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show” was first introduced on Nov. 19, 1959.

Turner Classic Movies execs would rather not talk about the post-Robert Osborne era
“So completely does the man personify the TCM brand,” notes the NY Times of the 82-year-old Osborne, adding: That brand, available in more than 82 million homes, has achieved cultlike popularity.”

Real-life mom of “Modern Family”s” Lily likes to jokingly tell her “You're not that special”
Amy Anderson, mother of 7-year-old Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, doesn”t her child to get too big a head in show business. PLUS: Nolan Gould writes about what he”s watching, and Sarah Hyland got a hummingbird tattoo.

Is “Country Buck$” the new “Duck Dynasty”?
A&E”s newest reality show about people in Louisiana in the hunting business  focuses on the direct competitors of the Robinson family.

“The League”s” Katie Aselton to visit “Weird Loners”
She”ll guest on the Fox midseason comedy as a bisexual woman who comes between Zachary Knighton and Becki Newton.

BBC America releases a pic of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”
The seven-part original series based on Susanna Clarke”s bestselling novel debuts next year.

Rihanna would love to appear on “Scandal”
Asked if she would like to appear on her favorite show, the singer responded: “Duh!” PLUSÚ Scott Foley welcomes a 3rd child.