Watch Bill Cosby say ‘I don’t talk about it’ when confronted with rape allegations

Watch Bill Cosby say “I don”t talk about it” when confronted about the numerous rape allegations
The Associated Press today released footage from a Nov. 6 interview in which the comedian was asked about Hannibal Buress standup comments. “There”s no response,” Cosby said. “There is no comment about that. And I”ll tell you why. I don”t want to compromise your integrity, but I don”t talk about it.” After the interview was filmed, Cosby requested that “none of that will be shown.” PLUS: Raven Symoné blasts rumors she was raped by Cosby, Janice Dickinson told Howard Stern in 2006 that her publisher wouldn”t let her write about Cosby, and Cosby”s new lawyer is reportedly trying to discredit Dickinson.

Jerry Seinfeld clarifies: “I don't have autism, I'm not on the spectrum”
After some backlash over his comments to Brian Williams, Seinfeld tells “Access Hollywood”: “I just was watching this play about it and thought, ‘Why am I related to it on some level?' That is all I was saying.”

The White House is upset ABC, NBC, CBS won”t show Obama”s primetime immigration address on Thursday
None of the major networks wanted to delay their primetime lineups with the 10-minute 8 pm speech.

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Lifetime orders “The Michelle Knight” story, casting “Breaking Bad” alum as Ariel Castro
The Ohio single mom who was kidnapped and held captive for more than 11 years with other victims is getting the TV movie treatment, with “Major Crimes” vet Raymond Cruz playing the role of the kidnapper.

Has “The Daily Show” surpassed “SNL” as Hollywood”s farm team?
Sure, “Saturday Night Live” has produced a number of successful alums in recent years, but as Stephanie Merry notes: “'Daily Show' alums are dominating in an array of spaces, in the comedy world and beyond,” from Steve Carell to John Oliver to Stephen Colbert.

“Forever” books Billy Baldwin
He”ll play a Wall Street CEO in the Jan. 6 episode.

Jay Leno cancels pro-gun group gig near Sandy Hook Elementary after victim”s daughter speaks out
Erica Lafferty, daughter of the school”s late principal, said before Leno”s cancelation: “Like, really, Jay? You said you support background checks, but then you're emceeing for the gun lobby that fought against them?”