Watch: Britney Spears talks about new video for next single, ‘Criminal’

Britney Spears is lensing her video for next single, “Criminal,” in London. That”s the big news from the Reuters interview embedded below, which was taped Friday as part of a promotional tour.

“I”ve never shot on location out of the country of America for a video so that should be really interesting,” Spears tells the reporter, veering dangerously close to sounding like Miss Teenage South Carolina, although we have no doubt that Britney can locate the United States on a map.

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As evident from her acceptance speech during the MTV VMA Awards and here, Spears seems to be have been scrubbed clean of any discernible personality…so much so, she could practically run for office with her bland answers. But, quite frankly,  if a slightly boring  Spears is the price the public has to pay in return for her to be mentally and physically healthy, it is a welcome price to pay. She seems cogent and on point here, as she talks about sharing custody of her two children with ex, Kevin Federline, and her exercise routine. Plus, she reminds us that touring can be a lot of work, y’all.

No word on when the video for “Criminal” will emerge. However, reports that Spears plays said “criminal” in the clip and that the video includes a cameo by her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. In the meantime, Spears starts the  European  leg of the  Femme Fatale tour this month.