Watch: Chris Brown soars high in ‘Till I Die’ clip: Next stop: 420th Floor

Chris Brown, who seems to be releasing a new video a day now, lobbed another one over the fence yesterday with “Till I Die,” and he brought along friends  Wiz Khalifa (seriously, does that dude just hop from one person”s record to the next?) and Big Sean.

Brown certainly likes to take on different personas, and for this one he trades in the smooth lover in “Sweet Love” for an old school rapper complete with gold grill, lots of bling, and an elevator that goes to the 420th floor, where Khalifa and Big Sean are waiting. Once they get outside, they hop into a car commandeered by rapper patron saint Snoop Dogg filled with classy-looking dames. Yeah, we are kidding about that last line, especially since Big Sean talks about seeking women who are “smoking my d**k” and are “ass up, nose down.”  Line forms to the left, ladies!!

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Our heroes end up at a house filled with total stoners and a bong as big as the Stanley Cup. In a pop haze, Brown finally explodes into the giggles and no doubt goes looking for some snacks to fend off the worst case ever of the munchies as the video, directed by Brown, fades to black.

The clip starts with a poor schlub with a real black cloud over his head as he delivers mail in an office. That”s a cute premise and it would have been interesting to see  where Brown could have gone with that. It will also be interesting to see if Sarah Palin responds to his dropping her name in the clip in reference to a look-alike who is sitting bare-assed on a copy machine making copies of her behind. We wondered where she”d gone…

Brown”s new album, “Fortune,” drops July 3.