Watch: Elizabeth Mitchell talks ‘V’ shockers with HitFix at WonderCon

SAN FRANCISCO – Although “V” is very much on the bubble for renewal at ABC, star Elizabeth Mitchell, showrunner Scott Rosenbaum and original series lead (and recently added remake guest star) Marc Singer took the WonderCon stage on Sunday (April 3) to meet with fans and talk about the recent finale and hopes for the future.
In the press room after the panel, I got to talk with Mitchell about the dark and shocking ending to the second season finale — obviously there are spoilers in this video — and where that tragedy is going to leave her Erica Evans in a possible third season. 
In the interview, Mitchell talks about what Erica and Morena Baccarin’s Anna might have in common, how she sheds her intense and emotional characters at the end of the day and what she’d like to see happen in the hypothetical future on “V.”
Check back in the days to come for my video interviews — filmed and edited by HitFix’s awesome Alex Dorn — with Singer and Rosenbaum, but I think Mitchell’s a pretty terrific way to kick off the “V” interviews.