We bet you can’t watch Ewan McGregor’s tribute to David Bowie without melting

Didn”t get enough “Heroes” in Moulin Rouge!? Ewan McGregor only sang a few bars of the David Bowie song for a medley in the Baz Luhrmann”s sparkling, stylish musical. But he belted out the whole song in a for-charity tribute to the late singer at Los Angeles venue the Roxy on Monday night.

A video of his performance has hit the web, and it”s clear he”s got just as glorious a set of pipes as he did when Moulin Rouge! was made 15 years ago (and when he sang for the Bowie- and Iggy Pop-inspired Velvet Goldmine).

Watch McGregor”s performance of “Heroes” below. If this results in you in a puddle on the floor, though, dont say we didnt warn you.

Also at the tribute: Gary Oldman singing “The Man Who Sold the World” and Seal, who performed “Bring Me the Disco King” with longtime Bowie collaborator Mike Garson: