Watch the first 5 minutes of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ now

Sex and death merge in a big way in the opening five minutes of “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

Adam Levine and one morbid female companion get kinky in an abandoned sanitarium (on their honeymoon, no less!) in the premiere’s pre-credits sequence, which has been posted online for fans looking to preview the follow-up to last year’s hit Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk horror series.

In the process of the couple’s ill-fated “haunted honeymoon tour” – which doesn’t look like all that much fun, but that’s just me – viewers are given a little history lesson on this season’s location, the imposing and very spooky “Briarcliff Manor.” According to a bit of helpful expository dialogue, the crumbling facility was built in 1908, serving first as a tuberculosis ward and later as an insane asylum that once housed an infamous serial killer dubbed “Bloody Face.” Which all sounds appropriately creepy.

Of course, nothing good ever came of two attractive young people screwing in a haunted building – hey honey, let’s have sex on this old dirty table! – and soon enough the newlyweds’ amorous jaunt takes a very dark turn.

Has Bloody Face come back from the beyond? Check out the full clip below (which includes the new Season 2 title sequence) and judge for yourself.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” premieres October 17 on FX.

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