Watch: First five minutes of ‘Source Code’ with Jake Gyllenhaal

03.17.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

While Drew’s away at SXSW, rubbing elbows with the hip elite and eating amazing BBQ (sob!) I’m back here editing his video interviews and subsequently, in the case of “Source Code” having my movie experience pre-ruined by all the spoilers I’m hearing from the likes of Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan in their respective interviews. Ok, we’ll they’re not spoilers per-se, but I think I know much more than I would like to about the film.

And now the studio has released the first five minutes of the film to get you hooked.

I haven’t watched this. I don’t plan to either. I’m a huge fan of Duncan Jones’ ‘Moon’ and my enthusiasm has been building to see this one. So I apologize in advance if there’s any problems with the video, I haven’t checked it for glitches. I’m just putting it up here for those of you who don’t care, or are just too curious to wait for it the theater. We’ll have some great interviews coming up next week, which you may or may not wish to watch as well. The one with Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones will be definitely spoiler-free and I highly recommend it. Watch the film embedded after the jump.

“Source Code” leaps into theaters April 1st.

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