Watch: Florence + The Machine perform a stately ‘Spectrum’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Florence Welch, the namesake of Florence + The Machine, is known for her dramatic, over-the-top performances, but for her debut on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night, she and the band delivered a breathtakingly spare version of “Spectrum.”

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Clad in all black and standing primarily still behind a microphone  (other than for her bird-like hand movements), Welch performed the song with an understated intensity that put the focus on her voice and the lyrics.

As she previously announced, the band will be taking a year off after it completes it current tour, which includes a stop at the Austin City Limits Festival next month in Texas.

There”s already been buzz that F+TM”s “Ceremonials” could be a contender for album of the year come Grammy time. I think it”s a dark horse for the final five, but expect a number of the songs to receive nominations in pop and rock categories. The eligibility period ends Sept. 30, which is one reason we”re seeing such an incredibly active September release slate.

What do you think of Florence + The Machine”s performance?