Watch: ‘Glee’s’ Dianna Agron talks fantasy, reality, ‘I Am Number Four’

Dianna Agron has had a lot on her plate since hitting the mainstream with “Glee.” Namely, after her small stint with “Burlesque” in the fall, she’s stepped up as the main love interest Sarah Hart in “I Am Number Four,” opposite of Alex Pettyfer’s John Smith/Number Four.

HitFix’s Jenna Busch sat down with the 24-year-old actress to hash out the realities and fantasies of her roles as a Gleek and a student in love with an alien.

She calls Sarah an “outsider,” who is comfortable presenting “this is who I am, this is who I’m comfortable being,” Agron says. Her character’s affinity to get away and take on the world with photography is stopped somewhat short by the entry of Pettyfer’s John into her life.

Meanwhile, playing Quinn on the hit FOX series has been a runaway success for her, and she’s thankful that the show bowed at the right time.

“I think that it’s all about timing. Glee wouldn’t have worked five years ago or ten years ago,” she says, noting that the country and the world has gone through heartbreak of weather (natural disasters) and economics. Movies like “Number Four” and shows like “Glee” put a fantastical spin on reality, “that doesn’t put you in a place of discomfort or sadness. [Number Four] is heightened reality” because, frankly, alien attacks don’t frequently pang the average high school student.

Check out all Agron has to say about Sarah and her reasons for joining the cast.

“I Am Number Four” is out today.