Watch: Green Day goes crazy in live clip from ‘Awesome as F**K’

Green Day is known for its vibrant live shows for good reason: Billie Joe Armstrong often runs around like a man possessed.  Now, even if Green Day hasn”t come to a town near you, you can still enjoy their show via “Awesome As F***K,”  a DVD/CD combo coming out in March culled from its stadium tour behind “21st Century Breakdown.”  We pegged it as one of the most anticipated releases of 2011.

Below is a montage clip of the band as they perform “Know Your Enemy.” Trust me, you”ll be pogoing by the end.  Forget about a concert video, this could be the best workout tape ever. You may be an “American Idiot” if you don’t want this one. The band’s previous live release as 2005’s “Bullet in a Bible.”

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