Watch: Jennifer Lopez writhes her way through video for ‘Dance Again’

When Jennifer Lopez and current boyfriend Casper Smart”s inevitable break up comes, he”ll have a lovely souvenir in the form of the video for “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull.

The video for pop dance tune. which premiered Thursday night on “American Idol”  has got a lot of moving parts, literally, so let”s examine a few.

The video opens with Pitbull in a white tux (with a few separate shots of Lopez). His date would appear to Voli, the Vodka brand for which is he is constantly shilling. He and Jennifer Lopez never appear together (although there”s a fake J-Lo dancing around him at one point). He never does much interesting in his appearances, though he looks dapper – Lopez gets all the action, literally.

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It turns out there”s an orgy going on on the ceiling (or the bottom of the vodka bottle, we”re not sure about that) and Lopez wants to go to there. Next thing we know, she”s the most-dressed person in a sea of writhing bodies. Talk about dancing on the ceiling.

Somewhere along the way, she leaves the orgy and is magically spray painted in gold glitter in a scene straight out of a ’70s disco. It”s a glitter explosion as she gyrates back and forth by herself.

But, of course, the scenes that will have everyone talking tomorrow will be the ones with her and Smart, who is shirtless throughout.  We”ll give the 24-year-old this much: he can really dance and they look fantastic together. He comes in about halfway through after she”s taking a break from the orgy and is her un-sparkled self. They mainly rub up against each other, dance together, blindfold each other and she binds his wrist, though they never actually kiss. It”s sensual and sexy without ever being too over the top. He gets covered in the magic sparkly dust at one point too, but mainly is shown in full light to allow his tattoos all their glory.

It”s a fun, percolating track with an equally light-hearted video, albeit a beautifully shot, fabulously expensive one. The whole point of this, and any other Lopez clip, is to show off her stunning beauty and her stunningly flat abs. This time, she”s brought a well-tuned accessory with her and it”s not a Fiat. She’s traded that in for a newer model.

What do you think of “Dance Again?”

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