Watch: Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig ‘learned to hate each other’ in ‘Friends With Kids’

When Kristen Wiig was asked what her visceral reaction to being at the 2012 Academy Awards was, her “Friends With Kids” co-star Jon Hamm answered for her.

“Diarrhea,” he told us blankly.

The two actors obviously have a very core, mutual appreciation of comedy, on top of a solid rapport culled from their previous work together during the “Mad Men” star’s three stops on “Saturday Night Live” (on which Wiig has starred regularly since 2006) and in Wiig’s co-write “Bridesmaids.”

“Friends with Kids” features their pairing again, almost like an alternate-universe “Bridesmaids”, as a married couple on the rocks after bearing children. It’s in this film that they “learned to hate each other” they told HitFix during our interview in New York this week.

Hamm also articulated on his comedic work since “Mad Men” has been on hiatus and in-the-works since Oct. 2010. In the past few years he’s been showing up in the aforementioned comedy projects plus “30 Rock, “The Simpsons,” “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” and even a “Lonely Island” music video.

“Its fun,” Hamm understates, saying that his time was also filled up with playing golf and video games. “Most of my friends are comics or comedic actors. I keep getting super lucky.”

Of course, who can resist talking about shoes, laughing at the expense of other people who spill coffee on themselves, Oscars gab and the attraction of a very real script. Check out the video above for more of the interview with Hamm and Wiig.

“Friends With Kids” opens Friday (March 9).

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