Watch Judd Apatow rightly go off on ‘The Martian’ and the Golden Globes

If, like me, you were somewhat annoyed that “The Martian” managed to fight its way into the Golden Globes “Best Picture – Musical or Comedy” category (and then win it), then you'll enjoy Judd Apatow's rant at last night's Critics' Choice Awards.

Presenting an MVP award to Amy Schumer, Apatow took a moment to lash out at the movie that beat his and Schumer's “Trainwreck” at the Globes, directing his anger at a sheepish Matt Damon in the audience. 

“We only have one award, Matt,” Apatow said. “That's all we get! I'm like a nerd on the school yard and you stole my milk money. I mean, can we just pick whatever category we want to be in?”

Apatow also had a vulgar suggestion for what all dramas could go do to themselves.