Watch: Kelly Clarkson and her Wall of Doubt in ‘Mr. Know It All’ video

09.26.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

It”s Kelly Clarkson and her fan, the blowing kind, in the video for “Mr. Know It All,” which premiered on Vevo today.

The majority of the video is Clarkson performing the song in front of her self-described “Wall of Doubt,” a seemingly endless wall totally covered with headlines of tabloid stories written about Clarkson, ranging from speculation on why she”s still single to how she dropped all her friends after winning “American Idol,” and the recent leaking of tracks from new album “Stronger,” which is out Oct. 24.

Throughout, a fan gently blows her light-brown locks, as her band members appear in silhouette projected on the Wall of Doubt.  There are a few additional scenes interspersed, including Clarkson at a party dancing with another girl until Clarkson falls on her butt, as well as a Clarkson packing her bag  as she tells the titular “Mr. Know It All”  that he doesn”t know a thing about her.

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There”s a behind the scenes clip that talks about certain shots symbolizing freedom, but it looks like some of those got their wings clipped.

Ultimately, the Wall of Doubt opens up to a brave new world into Clarkson”s new life.

The clip is a positioning video to keep the focus squarely on Clarkson and her performance wrapped around a paper-thin concept. The video doesn”t have the verve of her clip for “Since You”ve Been Gone” or the storyline of “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” but that”s in part because the song isn”t as dynamic as either of those two. At least she doesn”t have to roll around in the mud in this one.

The idea of lampooning the press has been tackled in a few videos lately, including Rihanna”s “S&M” and Britney Spears” “I Wanna Go,” although both of those were aimed more at the paparazzi than this clip.

What do you think of  the video for “Mr. Know It All?”

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