Watch: Lady Gaga flop around in ‘Yuyi,’ third clip for ‘You and I’

This time when Lady Gaga  sings “This time I”m not leaving without you,” in the latest video for “You and I,” she really means it. Because she can”t!

In the third Haus of U clip for “You and I,” Gaga appears as Yuyi, the mermaid who first surfaced in the official clip for the song.  Therefore, motility on land is somewhat limited to flopping around, as she does in and under a director”s chair here, or being carried around. As you recall, Lady Gaga has been releasing additional short black and white clips, filmed in Nebraska, to boost the song. While beautifully shot, they”re low-concept affairs. The first of the five, “Nymph,” featured Lady Gaga in lingerie dancing to the song. In last week”s installment, “Bride,” she was working a “Bride of Frankenstein” theme.

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This edition is the most evolved of the three. Lady Gaga/Yuyi leaves the one room and is carried out,  fin and all, perhaps to be released back into the ocean from whence she came. Maybe she and Darryl Hannah”s character from “Splash” can frolic together forever after or maybe she can solve her landlocked problem with a wheelchair, such as Bette Midler’s hilarious Delores Delago mermaid alter ego.