Watch: Lady Gaga’ goes topless in new ‘You And I’ clip, ‘Bride’

The second in the series in Lady Gaga”s black and white videos for “You and I” reveals that she”s working a theme. The first video “Haus of U feat. Nymph.” The second one is “Haus of U feat. Bride.” 

“Nymph” was a solo effort for Gaga, with an innocent, make-up free LG. “Bride,” directed by Inez and Vinoodh, is a less solo affair that features some of Mama Monster”s Little Monsters with their paws up.

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The monster theme continues as the “Bride” title is a reference to “Bride of Frankenstein,” as Gaga”s left side becomes a metal mesh, she rips off her wig and in the end  flings the hair like a wedding veil.

What do you think of these little bonus videos? Do you like them more than the “official” video for You and I?”

After “Nymph” and “Bride,” which persona would you like to see next?

If you like your Gaga clothed, the cover of the photo book she and Terry Richardson have collaborated on surfaced today on Huffington Post.  Click here to see the image of Gaga in a must-have leather jacket. The coffee table book is timed for the holidays.