Watch: Madonna keeps ‘Express Yourself/Born This Way’ in opening night

Madonna wasn”t kidding. After footage of Madge rehearsing a mash-up of “Express Yourself” and Lady Gaga”s “Born This Way” leaked earlier this week  (and was quickly taken down), Madonna kept the medley in tonight”s opening night of the “MDNA” tour in Tel Aviv.

She also kept in the slam at Lady Gaga: the refrain from “Hard Candy” track  “She”s Not Me.”  Madonna”s a cagey one, she”ll always get to wink at the camera and say she just thought the “She’s not me” excerpt fit perfectly in that spot, but we”ll always know what she was getting at, and you can”t help but love her for it. There is only one Madonna.

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While the video is taken from far away, the advantage is that the viewer can get the scope of the production and it”s quite a production. No surprise there, of course, but the light show and graphics look amazing. Plus, there”s dancing girls, a drum corps, and a lot going on. We”ll post more footage as it surfaces.

The segue into “Born This Way” is pretty seamless as well, given further credence that the songs are just a little too similar. As Madonna told Newsweek, she thought “Born This Way” was “a wonderful way to redo [‘Express Yourself’].”

Lady Gaga is on tour now too, so we”d love to see her do some mash-up of one of her songs and one of Madonna”s. Got any suggestions?