Watch: ‘American Reunion’ stars Mena Suvari and Chris Klein discuss legs and buttocks

Chris Klein and Mena Suvari return to the “American Pie”-verse in “American Reunion,” the fourth (and final?) film in the hit comedy franchise that started off with the 1999 original.

HitFix sat down with Klein and Suvari — who played a couple in the first film, and who both sat out 2003’s “American Wedding” — to discuss the new film. It’s comforting to know that the more things have changed in the world at large, the more things stay the same in “Pie” Land after all these years.

In keeping with the series’ focus on anatomy jokes, Klein seems particularly in awe of a co-stars buttock-flexing ability. The duo also discuss who would win if Suvari fought co-star Katrina Bowden in real life (hint: Suvari has a move called the “leg-hatchet”).

“American Reunion” also features returning cast members Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, Alyson Hanningan, John Cho, Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge. The only question that remains is, if this is their 10 year reunion and they graduated in 1999, does that make “American Reunion” a period piece? Will they discuss the recent bank bailouts? Or maybe all go see “UP” together?

“American Reunion” opens nationwide April 5.