Watch: Nat Faxon and French Stewart discuss FOX’s ‘Allen Gregory’

10.23.11 7 years ago
Due to the World Series, the premiere of FOX’s new animated comedy “Allen Gregory” is still a week away, with the Jonah Hill creation finally hitting the small screen on Sunday, October 30.
In “Allen Gregory,” series co-creator Hill voices the title character, who could be most simply described as the world’s most pretentious, over-enabled seven-year-old boy. When Allen, long home schooled, finds himself forced to face the indignities of public schooling, hilarity ensues.
I did a slew of video interviews with many of the “Allen Gregory” voices and I’ll be posting them over the next week, starting with my conversation with Nat Faxon and French Stewart, who play the main character’s two dads. 
You already know Stewart from “3rd Rock From The Sun” and animated work including “God, the Devil and Bob,” while Faxon’s FOX credits include the live-action “Happy Hour” and vocal turns on “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show.”
Check out the interview. 

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