Watch: Nicolas Cage dances with the devil in clips from ‘Drive Angry’

Now that ‘Faster’ has come and gone we have only one muscle-car revenge movie to look forward to, but what a doozy it is. For the uninitiated, “Drive Angry” is the story of a Milton (Nic Cage) who escapes from hell to save his baby granddaughter from a satanic cult and avenge the death of his daughter. He is pursued by the devil’s right hand man (Bill Fichtner) who is tasked with dragging him back. Cage is assisted on his quest by the beautiful Piper (Amber Heard) and a very special deadly shotgun.

Two clips were released today as well as two TV spots (you can find in the video section) that may do more than ever to get genre fiends like myself to the theaters to see this. What? It looks trashy, you say? Well, yes it does. That’s why we go.

In the clip above, named ‘Hydrogen truck rampage’ the satanic FIchtner cheerfully brings a truck filed with very explosive Hydrogen to a police roadblock. Directed by Patrick Lussier of “My Bloody Valentine 3D” fame, the tone is irreverent and rockabilly. This clip reinforces the ‘over the top’ message that all other previews and press materials have been sending. No, it’s not Oscar-bait.

If the impossible car stunt left you wanting, check out the RED BAND trailer embedded below. It is not safe for work at all, and is entitled ‘Gunfight Sex’ which pretty much explains it all. You’ve been warned.

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