Watch: Not-so-friendly ghosts return in new ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ trailer

Those pesky ghosts are back for another round of hand-held found footage horror fun in “Paranormal Activity 3,” and Paramount has just released the film’s first trailer.

The first film, made for something like $42 went on to gross $194 million worldwide, with the 2010 prequel also turning a huge profit. Part 3 was inevitable.

This one looks like an origin story, with the time stamp on some of the home video footage indicating the year 1988. The video shows two little girls playing on a trampoline, interspersed with creepy surveillance footage of the ghosts doing their thing some twenty years later. The last scare may be predictable, but it’s still effective. But how many more of these can they possibly make? This is turning into the new “Saw.”

“Paranormal Activity 3” opens nationwide October 21.

What do you think of the trailer? Will you go again?