Watch: Ron Perlman and Robert Sheehan talk ‘Season of the Witch’

LONDON – Nicolas Cage is the major star of “Season of the Witch,” but if you watched my interview with the Oscar winner, you know he said he was drawn to the project as a road movie or a buddy picture.
Two of the highest profile buddies to Cage’s Behmen are Ron Perlman’s Felson and Robert Sheehan’s Kay, two men whose strength and faith are tested on a lengthy journey across Europe to take an accused witch (Claire Foy) to a remote monastery for ritual disposal. 
I don’t need to tell you who Perlman is. He’s Hellboy. He’s The Beast. He’s Clay Morrow.
If you’re British, you probably don’t need me to identify Sheehan, an Irish-born actor who has developed a rather devoted following thanks to his role on “Misfits.”
in “Season of the Witch,” Perlman is the battle-tested Crusader and source of much of the film’s comic relief, while Sheehan is the wide-eyed innocent, the heart of the film. 
I sat down with both actors in London last month to discuss the rigorous training and underlying messages of “Season of the Witch.”
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