Watch: Steven Tyler’s video for ‘(It) Feels So Good’

05.13.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

I would have loved to have seen the treatment for Steven Tyler”s “(It) Feels So Good”: “Okay, we”re going to have an elephant, a monkey, a girl young enough to be Tyler”s granddaughter playing the love interest, a peregrine, Nicole Scherzinger, belly dancers, wrestlers, a melting disco ball and we”re going to go back and forth between black and white and color.”

Sold! In other words, the video makes absolutely no linear sense whatsoever, but clever editing with the images cut perfectly to the beat save the day as the Ray Kay-directed clip starts with Tyler in the make-upchair, holding a monkey. Said monkey soon ends up driving a golf cart.  The young girl, who goes from scantily clad to nude, rolling on the bed, and in the shower never actually cavorts with Tyler, we just see her holding someone”s hand, presumed to be Tyler. (Of course, longtime Aerosmith fans will remember that he likes them young, in shorts, and bent over both here and in the video for “Cryin,’ which featured an underage Alicia Silverstone). Instead he nuzzles up to a pachyderm and to head Pussycat Doll Scherzinger, who, as it turns out, does some of the singing at the end of the song. Maybe this is how Tyler”s mind works…random scattershot images.

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The Aerosmith lead singer has been doing this long enough that Tyler still has a great performer”s instinct and can play perfectly to the camera in the performance scenes as he throws around his trademark microphone stand with the scarves attached.

The video premiered on “American Idol” tonight, but you west coasters can catch an early glimpse here since Vevo made it available as soon as it had aired on the east coast.

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