Watch: Syfy releases first 15 minutes of ‘Helix’ online

(CBR) If you aren”t sold on “Helix”, the new thriller from Executive Producer Ronald Moore (“Battlestar Galactica”), SyFy is hoping to entice you with the first 15 minutes of the premiere.

In “Helix”, Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) leads a team of CDC scientists to a remote research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible outbreak.

“What becomes clear relatively quickly is there”s nothing at all ordinary about this virus,” series creator Cameron Porsandeh said at Comic-Con International. “There”s something very different going on at the base, and when that becomes clear, the stakes will radically heighten in some pretty interesting ways.”

As you”ll see in the preview, Farragut”s team includes his ex-wife, Dr. Julia Walker (Kyra Zagorsky), who Farragut caught in bed with his brother, Peter (Neil Napier) – who happens to be the one who alerts them to what”s going on at the Arctic base.

“We”re going to reunite all three of these characters up there under horrific circumstances,” Porsandeh said. “So I would say it”s the most screwed up love triangle ever under the most screwed up context ever, and they”re going to find a way to reconnect in an Arctic base in a snowstorm, while a virus is breaking out, killing people.”

The show airs Jan. 10, but you can watch the first quarter of it now: