Watch time-warping opening credits for J.J. Abrams’ ‘11.22.63’

Time travel mini-series 11.22.63 doesn”t debut until next week, but you can watch the opening credits to the series now.

Stephen King – who wrote 11/22/63, the novel on which the show is based – unveiled the titles sequence on his Facebook account today.

The J.J. Abrams-produced series that has James Franco traveling back in time in attempts to save John F. Kennedy has an opening credits sequence with images evoking the infamous day of JFK”s assassination – the Lincoln Continental limo, the Texas School Book Depository, the rifle used to make the fatal shot – and key elements of King”s book, like Al”s Diner and the tapes Jake Epping uses to spy on Lee Harvey Oswald. It”s all connected with the classic determined detective red string – the truth of Kennedy”s assassination is a mystery to solve.

Below, watch the opening titles, which features music written by Abrams (he also composed the main title theme for his series Fringe).

When you binge watch or do a rewatch of a show, do you end up fast-forwarding through the repetitive opening credits to get to the good stuff? Confession: I often do, with a few exceptions – Firefly comes to mind as a series with warm, elegant, Western-esque opening titles and theme song I could never speed past.

11.22.63 will roll out on Hulu one episode per week (as it has for other original series), but even if you find yourself watching a few installments of the show back-to-back, this is a credits sequence that may end up being worth paying close attention to every time. The makers of the time travel series had some fun with tweaking the titles a bit for each episode, so you can see if you notice little changes each week. Where will those changes show up? Hint: Pay close attention to the suitcase and the clock. And to the doorstep of Al”s Diner in the second episode, which depicts the events of a fateful Halloween night.

Eight-part series 11.22.63 premieres on Hulu on Presidents Day, Monday, February 15.