Watch: The young stars of ‘Project X’ talk about surviving a five-week party

The three friends who kick off the avalanche of bad behavior in “Project X” are played by J.D. Brown, Oliver Copper, and Thomas Mann, and the three of them together sat down to talk to us about the wild ride that was the production of the film.

In addition, I sat down with the lovely young ladies who represent the angel and devil on the shoulders of Thomas, the main character in the film.  Kirby Bliss Blanton plays Kirby, the girl who has been friends with Thomas for years.  He thinks of her as “one of the guys,” which is a convenient way of keeping his shameless crush on her at bay.  And Alexis Knapp plays Alexis, the rich bitch bad girl who decides that she’s going to give Thomas the best birthday present a teenage boy can ask for.

As you can see, they’re playing with pretty familiar teen movie archetypes here, and in our conversations, it feels like all the young actors are aware of what they’re playing, and aware of the tradition that these roles fall into.

It was smart to group the interviews this way, too.  The young ladies are responsible for the most exposition-focused material in the film, and as a result, they aren’t really present for as much of the “did you see that?” mayhem that breaks out as the film unfolds.

The guys, on the other hand, are in almost every scene in the movie, and they had to really bond as buddies and be believable as friends.  Since all of these young actors are relatively green, it was a test for all of them, and I think they all ended up doing interesting work under truly unique circumstances, and it was a pleasure to talk to them and see that they did, in fact, make it through the experience intact.

“Project X” will be f’ing s up in theaters this Friday.