Watch: Wavves crash in violent clip for ‘Bug’

09.22.11 6 years ago

You know what”s a buzz kill at a party? A dude who crashes your  perfectly civilized game night who is wanted by the police.

Then, when the pills that you”ve been popping all night kick in, a drag queen (or at least we think it”s a guy) dressed as a mermaid toting a machine gun pops up through the coffee table, and takes out the cops with said gun and splatters their blood all over a perfectly fine poster of Foo Fighters” Dave Grohl. What? It seems like it was only last month the band was declaring its love for for Grohl in “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl.”

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But so it goes in Wavves” new video for “Bug.” The band, which serves as composer for MTV”s godawful, trying-waaaaaaaay-too-hard to be cool show, “I Just Want My Pants Back,” is having a really bad night in the black and white clip, but we”re digging the mermaid theme that seems to be cropping up in videos, such as this and Lady Gaga”s latest “You And I” short.

It”s all very modern-day slacker/hipster, including, of course, the oh-so-ironic Coors Light endorsement.

“Bug” is featured on Wavves” new set, “Life Sux.”

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