Watch: Will.I.Am uses every means of transportation possible in ‘T.H.E’

After delivering  a splintered, technology- challenged debut of “T.H.E.” (The Hardest Ever) during the American Music Awards last month,  Will.I.Am decided to go the easy route on the video for the solo song. Not….

The sleek video features the Black Eyed Pea taking trains, planes and automobiles (where”s the ghost of John Candy when you need it?) to get to some celestial destination because he”s gotta, you know, go hard.  There”s a lot of product placements and a car, Hummer, bullet train, plane and space ship -all in white, to match Will.I.Am”s white outfit and his HTC phone.

The Peas are known for their futuristic, hi-tech videos and this solo effort is another in a series of forward-looking clips. It”s got a little “Mission Impossible” and “Speed Racer” thrown in for good measure as Will accomplishes all feats of derring-do.

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Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger”s guest spots come video screens, posters, etc.  There”s no attempt to put them all in the same place, although Will has accomplished space travel in the video, so you”d think he could just transport himself to whatever galaxy he finds himself in.  Jagger”s appearance is especially trippy with lots of split screens, holographic images, psychedelics, etc. It happens while Will is navigating the Milky Way so he”s got a lot going on and trying to dodge a Rolling Stone is just.one.more.thing.

“T.H.E.” is from Will.I.Am’s forthcoming fourth album, which he has hinted will be titled “#willpower,” and will be electro-dance oriented. The Black Eyed Peas are on an indefinite hiatus, as they announced earlier this year.

What do you think? Do you like the little homage to Michael Jackson in the song?