‘Wayward Pines’ Exclusive: Meet The First Generation in ‘The Truth’

Let me begin by thanking the loud and boisterous crowd that attended last Friday's ATX Television Festival panel for “Wayward Pines.”

We had a full house and I had a great time moderating with showrunner Chad Hodge and star Carla Gugino and it sure seemed like the audience got a kick out of this Thursday's episode, titled “The Truth.”

I've mentioned this several times, but as I told the ATX TV Festival panel attendees, “The Truth” is a big one. It's one of the rare TV episodes that actually justifies the overused description of “gamechanger.” After this episode, nothing will be the same for viewers, who will come away knowing a whole heck of a lot that they didn't know before about the nature of things in Wayward Pines and the same is true for some of the characters on the show.

If you've read Blake Crouch's books, you know the twist, but you don't know how the twist is unveiled, because Hodge and company — with Crouch co-writing the episode — made some important structure changes to the twist. 

In this HitFix exclusive clip from early in the episode, Hope Davis' ultra-creepy Megan Fisher tells several students at Wayward Pines Academy, including Ben (Charlie Tahan) about The First Generation.

“The Truth” will be out there on Thursday (June 11) night.