We discuss ‘Star Wars’ optimism and Salma Hayek’s action chops in this week’s ‘Ask Drew’

Just after returning from Fantastic Fest, I shot a new episode of “Ask Drew” with the always-amazing video team here at HitFix, and then I ended up getting caught in this last-minute trip to New York and the video team ended up juggling about 40 things at once and, long story short, today I've got the episode for you. And it's a pretty good one.

It always just depends on what you guys send in, and if you guys set me up with the right questions, then it's really easy for us to put together something fun. This week, I may have just gotten a face full of new “Star Wars” material right before walking into the studio to shoot, something my video guys didn't know. It was just happy timing, and I think you can see exactly how excited I was to talk about the film at that particular moment.

We started with a conversation about Salma Hayek and her role in the new film “Everly,” and we also get into the news from last week that Netflix is going to be releasing “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2” to theaters and online the same day. The interesting thing about the ongoing discussion of how distribution is changing is seeing how reactionary much of it is. Things are changing. There's no other way to put it. What place a company has in this new media age is going to be determined by how well they adapt to the new world, not how hard they fight to keep everything the same.

We also talk a bit about the philosophy of remakes and how I feel like it works best when it's about genuine excitement over an idea and not just servicing some corporate asset.

Overall, good one, and thank you to all of you who send in questions. If you want yours answered on the next episode, send it to video@hitfix.com with “Ask Drew” in the header. Don't send it to me, because that would ruin it. I hope yours is the next one I answer, and we appreciate you watching.