We have to accept that J-Law’s Cher impression is awful

Here are things Jennifer Lawrence can do well: Act. Give interviews. Mock Jack Nicholson for interrupting one of her interviews. Use a crossbow. Make David O. Russell films seem more human than they have any right to be. You know what's not on that list? An impression of Cher. No, J-Law.

Hello Giggles tried telling us that J-Law's impersonation of Cher on “Conan” was, and I quote, “spot-on.” Oh no, Hello Giggles. No, it wasn't.

The thing is, we live in an age where many people have mastered the art of impersonating Cher. They have worked hard to capture her specific “Jimmy Stewart is drowning” instrument and they've done it. Let's remember to respect those artists before we go proclaiming J-Law the new Frank Caliendo. J-Law's impersonation is merely croaky, and Cher does not croak. She does a quavery whinny. There.

Quickly, watch this video of “RuPaul's Drag Race” season four icon Chad Michaels nailing a Cher impression. That will help us to remember what this artform is all about. J-Law, please continue doing what you do best: teaching Liam Hemsworth what charisma is. But make sure to respect your elders when it comes to Cher and the art of Moonstriking.