We need to talk about Cersei’s potential zombie army on ‘Game of Thrones’

So much happened on last night”s season finale of Game of Thrones. It was a culling of massive proportions, one that will have reverberating effects down into the rest of the series. One of the biggest twists was where Cersei Lannister ended up by the time the credits rolled. Yet everyone was so distracted by her fierce AF fashion sense (or maybe that was just me), did we miss the reveal of two other characters fates?


The King is dead, long live the Queen? With Tommen choosing to join his wife in the afterlife, Cersei chose to step into her son”s shoes and rule the Iron Throne. The season six finale ends with Cersei being crowned in front of the remaining ‘Who”s Who” of King”s Landing, surrounded by her seven Queensgard. One of them is Zombie Mountain. But who would Cersei trust to watch her back from a literal swarm of enemies on all sides? Perhaps other zombies? Take a look.

Image Credit: HBO

None of that Queensgard looks particularly healthy, but none of them are quite as covered as Ser Gregor. One could argue Ser Gregor”s armor is as closed off as it is due to his injuries, though. The Queensgard on our right looks like a woman. Could she be Sister Unella? During Cersei”s revenge on the nun who so tormented her, the Queen states that Unella won”t be dying today. Cersei could have simply meant The Mountain would torture the Silent Sister first. A more harrowing fate would be a life of undead servitude to the Iron Throne. I wouldn”t put it past Qyburn to create more Zombie Guards for his patron. After all, the first one is the hardest. Subsequent zombies would be far easier to produce. Perhaps even Pycelle is under one of those Queensgard helmets.

The only real argument I can muster against the idea of an All-Zombie Queensgard is that neither Sister Unella nor Pycelle would make for great defenders when it came down to a fight. Unless being undead makes them as hard to kill as the wights controlled by the Night King. In which case fighting prowess matter less.

What do you guys think? Would Cersei only feel safe surrounded by puppets of her own making? Or are there ordinary human men under those Queensgard helmets? I mean, not that it matters since not even zombies can keep Cersei on the Iron Throne in the long run.