Web-based pilot could be huge for giant-monster comic ‘Enormous’

(CBR) Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour giant-monster comic “Enormous” is one step closer to transmedia domination.

Variety reports that a web-series adaptation is in the works with director BenDavid Grabinski for Machinima. The 10-minute pilot is scheduled to shoot next month in Los Angeles.

Set in a world over run by giant monsters with no respect for humanity, the one-shot focused on Ellen Grace, a resourceful woman who does her best to keep her fellow survivors alive.

It was announced last year at New York Comic Con that “Troll Hunter” director Andre Ovredal signed on with producer Adrian Askarieh to help create a multi-platform “Enormous” adaptation that would include a film, web series and television show in addition to any comic projects.

According to Variety, Grabinski wrote the pilot for the Machinima series with Ovredal.