Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Word Crimes’ Redeems Robin Thicke’s Problematic ‘Blurred Lines’

The deft skewering of modern music continues with Weird Al Yankovic's second video from his latest album. In case you didn't know, Weird Al has committed to debuting a new video every day for eight days to dovetail with the release of 'Mandatory Fun.' Basically Weird Al is parodying Beyonce's method of album release. Meta.

While 'Tacky' yesterday was a colorful display of celebrity cameos and terrible human behavior, 'Word Crimes' drops the former to focus on the latter. And in the process Weird Al single-handedly redeems society as a whole for allowing 'Blurred Lines' to dominate the pop charts in 2013…the darkest Song Of Summer timeline.

You can check back each day on Weird Al's official site for the latest video.