Westeros or Krypton? Where is Ariana Grande’s Grammy performance coming from?

02.08.15 3 years ago

When the 2015 Grammys boldly stated viewers would see Ariana Grande perform like never before, little did we realize they meant she'd been performing from inside any variety of sci-fi/fantasy worlds. 

Just look at this stage. Whether Star Wars or Game of Thrones, Superman or Tron, you can find something this looks like.

Image Via Twitter

1. Ariana Grande is coming to you live from the Fortress of Solitude.

a. Alternately, Ariana Grande is being held hostage by Lex Luthor and is     surrounded by kryptonite to keep Superman at bay.

2. Ariana Grande, mini-Mariah that she is, is singing from the apex of the Iron Throne. Luckily, the Grammys have a time-limit and she is removed prior to “Rains of Castamere.”

3. Coming to you live from the caves of Dantooine, Ariana Grande will harvest the crystal for her lightsaber and complete her Jedi training as soon as she finishes serenading the Grammys.

4. Ariana Grande is the User and she has infiltrated the mainframe. Singing is the only known way to access the Tron program.

John Shearer/Invision/AP

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