Why did movie studios get out of the horror anthology business?

A spine-tingling welcome to the first episode of a little experiment I've cornily dubbed Nightmare Fuel, a new weekly HitFix chat series that will cover the latest news, gossip and trends in the horror biz.

For my debut episode, on which I can be seen sporting some of the worst hair in all of human history, I welcome Southbound co-writer/director David Bruckner and star Mather Zickel, who plays a very unfortunate commuter in Bruckner's segment of the new horror anthology that features five interlocking stories all set on the same desolate stretch of highway. 

During our wide-ranging convo, we discuss the duo's solid new film (out now on various streaming platforms and in limited theaters), why major studios stopped backing horror anthologies after their '80s heyday despite the surging popularity of the format in the “indie” market, and what happened with Bruckner's abandoned, Dazed and Confused-style version of the long-developing Friday the 13th reboot.