What Is The Giant Winged Creature In This New ‘Godzilla’ Clip?

(CBR) The latest clip from Gareth Edwards” “Godzilla” splits its nearly 50-second run time between new and old scenes. We”ve seen the speech from Ken Watanabe”s Ichiro Serizawa about nature ruling man and letting the monsters fight but this time there”s a bit more at the beginning.

And then there”s the scene of Elizabeth Olsen and company running away from a winged monster creature as it swoops through the city, only to find their exit blocked off by the famous kaiju himself on the other end as they realize their trapped between two colossal combatants.

Both seem to give potential audiences an idea of the tone of the franchise reboot, which also stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Juliette Binoche. “Godzilla” debuts on May 16.