What NBC should learn from ‘Peter Pan Live!’: No more stunt casting!

What NBC should learn from “Peter Pan Live!”: No more stunt casting!
Next time, NBC should seek out Broadway actors and cut down on the three-hour running time so kids can watch. “Don”t cast a rather inexperienced TV actor and a 70-year-old movie legend to be the two major stars of your big theatrical production,” says Michelle Stark/ “Allison Williams is a fine actor with a fine voice, but she”s all wrong for the part of Peter Pan. First of all, she”s not a boy. Duh. Second, she”s not theater-y enough. You need someone who can sell the camp and whimsy of a story like Peter Pan. Someone who can make the audience clap for a tiny ball of light. Williams gave it her all, and that's commendable, but playing Peter Pan, with the accent and the tights and the flying, is a tall order, and she just wasn”t up to it. She was awkward, unconvincing and far too bland to carry the show.” PLUS: Ratings fell off as the night went on — were kids falling asleep to blame?, “Peter Pan Live!” was mediocre, bland, depressingly safe, the 5 worst moments, Williams couldn”t find the conviction necessary to carry the show, and “Peter Pan Live!” was never meant to be enjoyed.

Bill Cosby”s Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandalized with the word “Rapist”
The word “Rapist” was found this week scrawled across Cosby”s star several times. PLUS: Former accused rapist CeeLo Green defends Cosby.

Aaron Paul releases a “Yeah, B*tch” app
“It”s an app, b*tch!” the “Breaking Bad” star announced on Twitter.

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“The Amazing Race” recreating the memorable Season 5 “My ox is broken!” challenge
Tonight”s episode will feature the same ox-themed challenge set in the Philippines.

“True Detective” adds more actors, including a “Breaking Bad” alum
Emily Rios, a star of “The Bridge” who was part of “Breaking Bad,” will join Ronnie Gene Blevins and Timothy V. Murphy on Season 2 of the HBO series.

“Marry Me” books Ana Ortiz
“The Devious Maids” and “Ugly Betty” vet will play Kay”s new love interest.

Rob Corddry responds to “Childrens Hospital” “critics”
“You got it all wrong,” says Corddry on tonight”s “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

TruTV orders its 1st scripted comedy pilot
“Those Who Can”t” stars the Denver-based comedy troupe Grawlix.

Melina Kanakaredes is coming to “Hawaii Five-0”
The “Providence” alum will guest on the CBS series later this season.