‘What’s Your Patronus?” quiz gives Harry Potter fans an existential crisis – She Said/She Said

She Said/She Said is a (sporadically) daily video featuring HitFix Harpy Donna Dickens and HitFix Weekend Editor Jill Pantozzi discussing current events in geek news.


Have you heard the news? Harry Potter has taken over the world – or at least the Internet – again. This time with a new quiz at Pottermore that will tell you your Patronus with only a few word associations based on your happiest memory. Unlike being sorted into a Wizarding House, a person”s Patronus can take on many forms. Which just means there are dozens of potential disappointments instead of just one…


In the video above, HitFix Harpy”s Donna Dickens and Jill Pantozzi reveal what Patronus was deemed appropriate for them. You can also find more of Jill”s personal brand of Potterhead showing over here!