Which ‘Game of Thrones’ character did your State choose as its champion…?

We've all heard of Red States and Blue States in the United States, but what about Purple and Yellow?

The staff at tariolaw.com polled over 10,000 Game of Thrones fans (200 per state) about which character (living or dead) they would pick to be their “champion” in a trial by combat. The results were then mapped out (and shared exclusively here on Hitfix).

Sadly, poor gullible King Tommen the Sparrow stooge has now outlawed trial by combat, which means that neither Cersei nor the state of California will be able to call upon FrankenMountain's formidable talents. 

As to that, Gregor Clegane (the Mountain) had the most votes, as expected. However, his brother Sandor Clegane (the Hound) was right behind him creating a mostly red and purple map.

Sadly, Brienne of Tarth picked up only one win in Oregon (where the dream of the '90s is alive). Jaime Lannister also won a few states, with the caveat that he was operating at 100% and able to use both hands. Which is, frankly, kind of cheating. We're looking at you, Nevada.

Let's give a special shout-out to Wisconsin and South Carolina for having the cash and wherewithal to pay Bronn to fight for them.

If you're wondering why personal injury attorneys took the time to put this together, well, that's the power of Thrones and the idea of justice in medieval times.

Take a look at the results below. 

Who would you have voted for? Is it just me, or is everyone missing a pretty obvious candidate in the form of Drogon?