Which HitFix Awards Pundit rules them all?

For the first time since In Contention first teamed up with HitFix in October of 2011, Kris Tapley, Guy Lodge and I posted our Oscar nominations side by side for comparison’s sake. There were a couple of easy takeaways.

A. The only category that we all agreed on was original screenplay.
B. Overall, Kris and I agreed five times.
C. Overall, Kris and Guy agreed three times.
D. Guy and I agreed only once (original screenplay).
E. Kris and I believed there would be ten nominees for best picture.
F. Guy believed there would only be eight nominees.
G. I was somewhat biased that “Cloud Atlas” would receive more nominations than Kris or Guy.
H. Guy was somewhat biased that “The Master would receive more nominations than Kris or I.

It turns out:

A. We all got “Flight” wrong.
E. We were wrong there were nine.
F. Guy was wrong there were eight.
G. I was wrong as “Cloud Atlas” was sadly completely shut out.
H. Guy was mostly right as he had Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix in their respective acting races (Kris also had Adams in supporting actress).

Since all three of us skipped the shorts categories that meant there were a final tally of 107 possible nominations to guess correctly.  Here’s the scores:

Kris: 82 right, 26 wrong
Guy: 80 right, 27 wrong
Greg: 72 right, 35 wrong

Additionally, each of us guessed one category completely. Kris predicted makeup and hairstyling, Guy nabbed adapted screenplay and I correctly predicted visual effects.

As for best picture, Guy came closest predicting eight correct nominees, but excluding “Django Unchained.” I missed out on including “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Skyfall” and passing over “Amour.” Kris’ mistake was including “The Intouchables.”

We’ll circle back on Feb. 25 and see how we did on picking the final winners.

How did you do on your predictions?  What surprised you the most?  Share your thoughts below.