Watch: ‘The Music They Made’ song montage from musicians who died in 2012

If you want to not only see the names, but hear the music from the top musicians who left us this year, this four-minute montage, “The Music They Made,” posted by the New York Times last night is well worth your time.

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The compilation is reminder that the music world suffered some profound losses this year including Whitney Houston and Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. The video  encompasses all formats, so a jazz genius like Dave Brubeck or bluegrass pioneer Earl Scruggs is alongside The Olivia Tremor Control”s Bill Doss, the Monkees” Davy Jones, Ravi Shankar and Donna Summer  It also includes top session musicians we lost, like Bob Babbitt. Oddly, Marvin Hamlisch didn’t make the cut and some other folks are missing, including songwriter extraordinaire Robert B. Sherman, former Fleetwood Mac member Bob Welch, and saxophonist Tommy Marth.

The New York Times has been putting together the montage yearly for a few years now; you can find past years on YouTube.

Hitfix will post its own obituary gallery covering deaths from all areas of the arts shortly, but in the meantime, listen and appreciate these artists who left behind amazing legacies.