Who could Kevin Costner play in Zack Snyder’s ‘Superman’?

I wonder if he’d look good bald.

Strange thought to kick off a Monday morning, but a natural question to ask after hearing that Kevin Costner is in talks with Warner Bros. to join the cast of Zack Snyder’s “Superman” project.

Since the report everyone’s using as their source for this doesn’t specify what role Costner will be playing, speculation is already kicking in, and the easiest guess seems to be Pa Kent.  Certainly, Costner’s got the easy Midwestern charm and “aw shucks” charisma to play that part, but is that really where his career is these days?

Unless this movie is structured with a whole ton of Smallville material, something I highly doubt, then Pa Kent’s going to end up being a smaller role.  I guess the day of Kevin Costner headlining a major studio movie is officially done, but it still seems  to me like a waste of Costner if you’re just hiring him for that sort of role.  Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, sounds like another fairly easy fit for Costner, but again, that’s traditionally a smaller role.

Besides, isn’t it time for someone to reinvent Costner and rescue him from the wilderness?

I have no idea which villains they’ll be using in this new Superman movie, but I’m praying it is not another Lex Luthor movie.  We’ve seen that already.  I want villains that Superman can actually punch in this movie.  If they do end up using Costner as a villain, he’d be a very strange Luthor.  And if they’re not using Luthor, then maybe there’s some other character that Costner is appropriate for, and I’d love to see him pushed out of his comfort zone to play someone without a single shred of human decency for once.  There’s something I like about the idea of evil having such an amiably blank quality.

Maybe none of those guesses are right.  If you’re a big Superman fan, who do you think Costner could play in the film?

Whatever the case, it looks like casting for the film is underway and coming together quickly, and I’m sure we’ll have a good overall picture of who’s in it and what they’re playing soon.

Warner Bros. hopes to have their new “Superman” in theaters December 2012.