‘Who Do You Think You Are’ reveals line-up including Deschanel, Handler

06.26.13 6 years ago 2 Comments
TLC premieres a brand-new season of the reality series “Who Do You Think You Are?” on Tues., July 23 at 9:00 p.m.. The network has ordered eight new hour-long episodes of the Emmy-nominated series NBC kicked to the curb.
Today, the network announced the full line-up of celebrities:
Christina Applegate
Kelly Clarkson
Cindy Crawford
Zooey Deschanel
Chelsea Handler
Chris O”Donnell
Jim Parsons
Trisha Yearwood
The show opens the door to the real life stories of some of the most well known names in America, sharing how the revelations they uncover about their backgrounds will impact their lives. Ancestry.com, the world”s largest online family history resource, is teaming up with TLC as a sponsor of the upcoming season. As part of the show sponsorship, Ancestry.com provides exhaustive family history research on each of the featured celebrities, which is used to frame the story of each episode.
Watch the promo below:

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