Who the hell is going to play Carole King?

03.24.15 3 years ago

Natural women unite: “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” will be adapted into a feature film. The recent hit Broadway musical earned star Jessie Mueller a Tony and should be just as thrilling as a movie since it features so many classic Carole King jams. “It's Too Late” is the definitive breakup anthem of all time, everyone. 

But just one thing: Who the hell is going to play Carole King? I support the idea of Jessie Mueller reprising her stage role, but Streisand-type stage-to-screen moves remain pretty rare. I was personally shocked when Samantha Barks ended up in the film version of “Les Miz” after starring in London's West End production. Her face should be printed on all European currency for achieving that milestone.

So just in case Mueller doesn't get to fly her tapestry on the silver screen, here are a couple of suggestions that seem feasible.

Emily Blunt

I feel like the future holds more for the singing career of Emily Blunt. That's just my hunch. There's enough of a Carole resemblance there, and her voice is great. 

Sara Bareilles

At the 2014 Grammys, we discovered that Sara Bareilles and Carole King are pretty much soul sisters. Bareilles called King her “hero of all heroes.” Can she act? The jury's out, but if anyone can summon King's warmth and confessional power, it's Bareilles. 

Heather Morris

We've got to do something cool with these coordinated “Glee” kids. Heather Morris once tackled “I Feel the Earth Move” with Naya Rivera, and I've generally found her to be one of the most lovable characters on the show. Can she dial back the cheerleader theatrics and give us the mournful bleat that “So Far Away” requires?

Lady Gaga

Give it up: She rules and she has the chops. If anything I'd like to save Gaga for the inevitable (fingers crossed) Laura Nyro biopic, but I'd settle for Carole. 

Your turn. Who should play Carole, if not Jessie Mueller?

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