‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ has a big debut for CW

07.17.13 6 years ago

“Whose Line is it Anyway?” has a big debut for CW

The 2.9 million was the CW’s 2nd-best launch in the past two years.

Besides drugs, Cory Monteith struggled with his “Glee” fame

People magazine quotes a Monteith friend saying, “Fame was hard for him. It was something he knew he deserved but somehow he never quite knew how to handle.” PLUS: “Glee” sat down Monteith and had an “open conversation” about his addiction.

Jon Hamm waited tables for nearly a decade, even when he was on “Providence”

The “Mad Men” star talked about his early struggles with ESPN’s Bill Simmons, recalling that he was “unhirable” because he looked too old for the teen shows that were hot in the late ’90s. Hamm worked at a restaurant called Ciudad on his days off from “Providence,” which he appeared on in 2000 and 2001. Hamm also talks about binge-watching “The Wire,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Deadwood.” PLUS: ESPYs host Hamm talks tonight’s show.

Woody Allen: I’d love to do a movie starring Louis CK

The “Louie” star has a small role in Allen’s new film “Blue Jasmine.” “I’d love to do a movie with him and me, a comedy,” Allen tells the NY Times. “I’m looking for some idea that would work, for the two of us to do.”

“Game of Thrones” adds Mark Gatiss of “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who” fame
The British actor/writer/producer has written several episodes of “Who” and he co-created “Sherlock.” PLUS: Giant dragon skull on beach used to promote “Game of Thrones.”

BET resurrects “Comic View”
Former host Sommore will be back when the BET staple begins taping next month after a five-year hiatus.

“Harry Potter” actor Toby Jones joins M. Night Shyamalan’s “Wayward Pines”
He’ll play a mysterious and charismatic psychiatrist who treats Matt Dillon’s Secret Service agent.

Here’s a pic of “The Wire’s” Larry Gilliard Jr. on “The Walking Dead”

He’s playing former Army medic Bob Stookey.

Stephen Colbert caught sabotaging “The Daily Show”
It was Colbert who caused Monday’s blackout.

“Breaking Bad” creator on the final episodes: “They satisfy me, and that’s saying a lot”
Vince Gilligan tells GQ that “the bulk of our viewers” will be satisfied by the ending. PLUS: See Bryan Cranston’s “Malcolm in the Middle” reunion at his Walk of Fame star ceremony. Watch “Breaking Bad” summed up in 9 minutes.

Chuck Woolery’s new gig: Promoting catheters

Watch the former “Love Connection” host in an ad for Medical Direct Club’s Virtually Pain Free Catheters.

Bravo to premiere “The New Atlanta” in September: “Atlanta is mecca,” says Bravo exec

“There is so much personality to that city and the people really reflect that,” says Shari Levine, vp of current production for Bravo. PLUS: “I Dream of NeNe” gets premiere date.

“Damages” now available to watch online for free
Crackle has the entire first season on its website and YouTube. Watch the pilot.

Bruce Willis wears a wig for Jimmy Fallon’s “Perm Week”

“Is this your real hair?”

Are those tattoos on Rachel Bilson’s neck?

The “Hart of Dixie” star is currently sporting colorful stars on her neck.

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